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Vaginal Steam

Yoni Steam also known as "Hip Bath" and "V- Steam" is an age old remedy that offers many pleasant benefits to those who wish to experience a sense of freshness and rejuvenation. Ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids, yeast infections, imbalances, menstrual disorders, hot flashes and constipation with a soothing and fragranced steam on your Vulva and Perineum. According to Korean folklore it's also been known to tighten the Vagina. The vaginal steam features herbal infused water vapor that smells wonderful and feels good on your intimate landscape. Hip Bathing encourages female pelvic uterine health by boosting blood circulation and increasing oxygen levels. All natural ingredients include a variety of healing herbs such as: Mugwort, Wormwood, Marshmallow root, Red Raspberry leaf, Calendula, Basil, and Angelica Root. The 35-45 minutes process may unblock stagnate energy and deliver a gratifying sense of calm.

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Sit, relax and enjoy. It's like a facial for your lady parts.

Yoga Therapy

 Yoga Therapy is a hands on mindfulness practice that combines classical yoga techniques with elements of modern-day talk therapy.  Adding touch with talk awakens your senses, relieves tension and fosters a deeper awareness of self. By accessing your inner wisdom you can break the emotional holding patterns that block you from reaching your highest potential. Yoga Therapy is for anyone who can breathe and focus. There is no stress or strain involved. Just close your eyes and observe how you feel. Read more below.

Benefits of Stretching

The benefits of stretching are numerous. Stretching improves joint mobility and muscles suppleness. Flexibility reduces muscular tension and promotes vibrant circulation. Stretching provides warmth to the muscles and prepares them to work more efficiently to minimize the risks of soft tissue injury. Flexible muscles increase range of motion making it easier to bend, stoop, lift, stand and reach with greater ease and confidence. Daily activities become "feel good" moments rather than physical challenges you dread. When fluidity of motion enters the body, stiffness has no place to linger.

Our Services:

Yoni steam 

Yoga Therapy

Meditative Stretch 

Dried Blood Cell Analysis


Pure Herbs and Vitamins

Natural pain relief oil

Comfort cream.


Our trainer has over 20 years experience in group exercise and movement choreography. Certified and insured. Trained in CPR and First Aid.

You don't need to have any experience with Yoga, all poses are simple and chosen with your comfort level in mind. Props help to maintain an easy stretch posture, and trained hands guide you into a manageable edge.

See Yoni Steam package rates and features on "About Us" page.

Personal Yoga session $47

Yoga Therapy $74

Mobile Service add $20


by Appointment only:



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